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Trust our expert foam-in-place engineering and design

Our skilled technical engineering staff stands ready to assist you with any design and development needs to help you create a cost-effective solution for your molded foam requirements, including prototyping new molded cushions and rigorous performance testing. General Packaging offers a wide selection of pre-molded, Sealed Air foam-in-place cushioning that perfectly complements our polyethylene foam fabrication products.

Choose from a wide assortment of foam-in-place materials:

  • Instafill Foam — ultra-low density, semi-rigid. Used primarily for light cushioning applications
  • Molding Foam — medium density, used for a wide array of mid-range applications
  • InstaflexFoam — resilient, high-performance material with a broad loading range
  • G-Flex Foam — the highest density option of the chemical blend formations. Ideal for a wide variety of products with a multitude of shapes and sizes as well as heavier weights

We can easily combine foam packaging with our wood and corrugated materials to create the perfect, integrated packaging solution.