General Packaging Corporation Dallas Plant

Environmental responsibility is everyone’s business, including ours. General Packaging puts considerable energy and resources towards environmental stewardship. We work diligently to promote sustainable products from renewable sources. To start, almost all of GPC’s manufactured products are recyclable. Our two largest raw material categories, corrugated fiberboard and lumber, are made from natural, renewable resources. Corrugated fiberboard is recycled more than any other packaging material. Corrugated sheets are often manufactured using high percentages of recycled fiber. We source lumber raw materials from mills with established sustainability programs.

We believe that recycling is good for the environment, and are committed to the ongoing conservation of our resources. Below are examples of some of the recycling efforts we do every day:


All corrugated scrap and trim that is generated in the box conversion process is captured, baled and recycled. This recycled material is then re-processed into medium and used to make more corrugated sheets.


Our polyethylene foam scrap and plank remnants are baled and reprocessed into new foam plank materials.


We collect and recycle wood shorts and end trim pieces, which are shredded and used for farm animal bedding, mulch, residential building materials like oriented strand board (OSB) sheathing, and paper pulp.

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